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More About Us

Oklahoma City Paving
The wonderful thing about the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, area is the unique and spacious neighborhoods and sprawling suburbs. Much of the region is walkable, but in such a large metro area, a car is also essential. Therefore, well-maintained sidewalks and driveways are a must. Another bragging point of living in the Oklahoma City area is that everyone loves being outdoors. That includes cooking out in the backyard on your relaxing patio.

So who can you turn to when you need a new driveway or walkway, or you’re looking for a professional to make repairs to your outdoor patio? The Oklahoma City metro region trusts Oklahoma City Paving for all of its concrete paving needs, including both residential and commercial. Here is a list of some of the many services the team offers:

● Free consultations and estimates
● Concrete paving
● New driveway paving
● Driveway widening
● Driveway repair and maintenance
● New sidewalk and walkway paving
● Sidewalk repairs and maintenance
● Patio Paving
● Stamped concrete services

That is only a sample of the paving services offered by the Oklahoma City Paving. Call the office and speak with a friendly team member with any questions or to discuss the paving services needed for your property. You can also reach out online using this website.
Increase your property’s value
Did you know quality paving and concrete work can actually increase your property’s value? Prospective home buyers look for driveways that are free of cracks and holes and that are wide enough to accommodate multiple vehicles. If your driveway is in disrepair or too narrow, consider repair or widening services with Oklahoma City Paving.

Sidewalks and walkways are important indicators of property value as well. Sidewalks and walkways in disrepair are a liability. If someone gets injured due to uneven concrete or holes in the walkway, you as the property owner can be held at fault. Not only are well-maintained walkways aesthetically pleasing and increase your property value, but why risk financial liability due to unmaintained sidewalks when a simple solution is available. Just call the team at Oklahoma City Paving Contractors. Repair and maintenance services are more affordable than you might think.
Does Oklahoma City Paving service commercial properties, too?
Absolutely! Our commercial clients are just as important as our residential work. Do you need new concrete leading up to your loading zone? Are the sidewalks and walkways at your commercial property not up to code? Maybe you are looking for an outdoor patio to give your tenants somewhere to enjoy the fresh air. If this sounds like your needs, reach out to our team right away for a free estimate and consultation.
What Oklahoma City Area Communities does Oklahoma City Paving service?
Oklahoma City Paving serves the entire Oklahoma City metro region and surrounding suburbs. From high-density urban districts to sprawling gated communities, the team prides itself on being a part of your community.

The expert paving contractors treat all their clients like family. Our team lives in and loves the Oklahoma City area and treats your project with the same care and detail as they would if it was their own home.

Even if you live a bit outside of the Oklahoma City metro, call Oklahoma City Paving today to see if we serve your community. You’d be surprised how far we travel to service your paving needs and dreams.

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