Parking Lot Paint Striping

Parking Lot Paint Striping Service in Oklahoma City

Prepping for Paint Striping

Before and type of paint striping task, ensure the area is clean by running a leaf blower. If there is a lot of dirt and grime present, the area is swept and brushed first to break up debris.

Place masking tape to outline where old striping was. You don’t want to see where the old stripe was…you want to paint directly over it. Don’t try to run your striping machine directly over it without first chalking a straight line, so you can ensure the painted line does not look crooked.

A shingle or non-porous barrier is placed where the striping machine begins to ensure there is not a puddle. When the shingle is removed, there will be a straight, square line. If the area is very dirty, you may want to consider pressure washing the area first. At a minimum the area should be swept with a push broom before painting. Typically, a wire brush broom is used to ensure maximum effectiveness. However, remember that the pavement should be dry before applying paint.

Accessible Parking Areas

Accesibility space
Handicap parking space

With a stencil in place, use chalk to identify where you will be applying paint. Typically, handicap accessible areas will be blue. If paint was present previously, we ensure to paint directly

over old pain (using chalk) first.

Yellow and/or white paint is used to outline the blue area first.

After the white hatch painting has been applied, the blue handicap paint is typically applied with a roller. Once the blue paint that was rolled is dried, white paint is applied using a stencil. Typically, a sprayer is used to apply the contrasting white/yellow paint.

Stop Bars

First, for safety, we will ensure traffic is blocked off. Then, we will make multiple passes with the paint striping machine to ensure an even coat of paint is applied.


If there are cars in the area, a paint roller should be used instead of painting to ensure that spray does not overspray on cars. For areas where there are no cars present, a striping machine may be used.

Why have fresh parking lot paint?

Paint striping machine
Paint striping machine painting lines

If you are having trouble with people parking in your lot that shouldn’t, you may need to freshen up the paint to ensure that people know the spots are reserved. We can help you with marking spots as “reserved” by using a stencil.

Should old parking lines be painted over?

If there is old paint, ensure it is clean. If needed, use a wire brush to ensure maximum cleanliness.


We can stencil any variation of letter and/or number stenciling you may need. We can designate spots as reserved, staff, employee, visitor, and more. We also frequently paint number marks on parking spots to designate the appropriate spot.

What type of paint is used for parking lot striping?

Yellow hatched paint
Parking lot yellow hatched pattern

Typically, a water based acrylic paint is used. Water based acrylic paint is used because of it’s durability, brightness, and visibility. Water based acrylic paint is available in a wide range of colors.

How wide are parking spots?

The width of a parking spot depends on many factors, however, the typical width is 9 feet. If a parking spot is oriented at an angle, a curb width of over 12 feet is used. It really depends on the exact geometry and size of your parking lot to determine the most efficient use of space.

Fire Lanes

Don’t forget about fire lanes! Many municipalities and fire marshals have requirements concerning fire lanes. Typically, a fire land is painted red and includes a hatched area along with verbiage indicate that it is a fire land and the parking is not permitted.