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Concrete Parking Lot Contractors OKC

Concrete is the perfect paving material for parking lots. Not only does it offer superior strength and accommodate massive weight, but it’s also a material that lasts. Concrete is also a good choice for high trafficked areas such as parking lots. Also, in cities such as OKC, heat can become an issue with asphalt. Concrete has excellent heat tolerance and does not deform with heat. Therefore, concrete lasts many, many more years than asphalt does. Concrete is an excellent choice for driveways, sidewalks, walkways, patios, and especially for parking lots.

Needing Parking Lot Paving Near Me?

If needs concrete service, turn to the trusted team at Oklahoma City Paving, located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. We also offer parking lot line painting/striping and concrete repair. Call the office today to schedule your free consultation and estimate, or reach out to the team online.

parking lot paving
Concrete being poured out of cement mixer

Parking Lot Paving OKC

Parking Space Bumpers

Paving concrete curb
Worker smoothing our poured concrete curb

You know those small curb like blocks at the front of your parking space? These are know as: parking space bumpers, curb stops, wheel stops, or bumper blocks. These bumpers are a very important part of a parking lot. These bumpers serve as a barrier that helps protect building structures, adjacent parking spaces, and




Parking Lot Line Paint Striping Service

Yellow paint stripe
Yellow paint stipe was added to freshly sealed asphalt parking lot

Whether you have an existing parking lot that needs the paint lines freshened up with a new coat of paint. We paint many different patterns, including: stop bars, handicap spaces, curb stops, numbering and labeling of parking sports (i.e. reserved etc.), direction arrows, do not enter markers, fire zones, and more. Learn more about our painting and striping services.




Parking Lot Pavement Repair

Tar patch for asphalt lot
Asphalt tar patch

We can help you with your parking lot pavement repair needs. If your parking lot is showing signs of wear and tear, has potholes, is not draining properly, or you have other issues, contact us so we can address your concerns.

Concrete Overlays

Did you know that you can pour concrete directly over asphalt? There is no need to tear out the old asphalt. In many cases, it is actually beneficial to have asphalt underneath the concrete. In fact, this is how many roads are paved. Overlays can also allow you to fix damages and draining issues.



What is concrete?

Concrete is everywhere, but how many of us actually understand what concrete is?

Concrete is produced from three ingredients: water, aggregate (rock, sand, and gravel), and Portland cement. Combined, these ingredients produce the ultra-durable material we know as concrete.

The team at Oklahoma City Paving has expertise in mixing concrete and placing it perfectly. That is important as the mixing process increases longevity and strength and proper placement ensures durability.

Are concrete and cement the same thing?

Many people who aren’t a part of the industry use these words interchangeably. But the fact is, concrete and cement are totally different materials. Concrete actually contains cement, along with other ingredients such as water, sand, and gravel. Cement makes up between 10% and 15% of the mixture.

Why choose concrete?

One of the major reasons to choose concrete is because of its versatility. Other reasons include:

  • Resistant to cracking due to freezes and thaws
  • Resistant to wear-and-tear
  • Resistant to water damage
  • Superior strength

Concrete looks great, too. It will enhance the aesthetics of your property.

How is concrete paving placed?

Concrete is heavy, so it’s always a good idea to team with expert contractors like those at Oklahoma City Paving, right here in OKC. Concrete is poured directly from the truck or wheeled or pumped into place.

At this point, the spreading of the concrete can begin. There are many techniques for spreading concrete, but some of the most common include trowel-like tools or longer tools that look like hoes.

After spreading the concrete, it needs time to set and cure before use.