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Small square concrete patio
Small back patio

The wonderful thing about living in the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, area is the perfect weather for enjoying the great outdoors. That includes cooking out and enjoying your backyard on a beautiful concrete patio. If you’re looking to spend more time in the fresh air, look no further than Oklahoma City Paving for your patio paving needs. The team offers free estimates and consultations and can help you design the perfect patio for your needs. Call the paving experts today or reach out to them online.









Striking concrete
Concrete is “striked” after pouring to ensure a smooth, level, finish.

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Ideas for concrete patios

These days, patios are so much more than standard 12 by 12 slabs. Though a square patio is perfectly fine for many people, here is a brief overview of some fun patio ideas to consider.

Outdoor living room

Many homeowners love the idea of extending their living room outside. On a warm summer evening think about how fun it would be to open the sliding glass doors from your indoor living room to the outdoor extension furnished with lounge chairs, sofas, big-screen televisions, and a fire pit. Many people choose to cover their outdoor living room patio with an awning so it can be enjoyed no matter the weather conditions.

Outdoor kitchen and bar

Do you love entertaining guests and showing off your culinary skills by hosting dinner parties? If so, an outdoor kitchen and bar patio is the perfect setting for a party. Set up your grill, wet bar, and maybe even an outdoor pizza oven, and your home will surely be the talk of the neighborhood.

Classic sundeck

This type of patio is simplicity at its finest. This simple patio allows the nature around you to be the star. Step out onto your sundeck patio to rest on your deck chairs and take in a beautiful sunset.

Garden patio

Love nature and growing your own fruits and vegetables? Why not create a relaxing green oasis with a garden patio. Line it with flower beds and plenty of storage for all of your gardening needs.

Concrete Patio Extensions OKC

Though most customers are looking to have a completely new patio paved, we also frequently are asked to extend an existing patio. Homeowners often find themselves wanting to extend their patio because they enjoy spending time on their patio, but find themselves limited on space. Extending a patio, even by just a few feet, can make the patio area much more comfortable entertaining larger groups. A patio extension also will help accommodate more patio furniture.

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Concrete pour from chute
Concrete being poured from concrete chute into frames

When contemplating a patio or deck for your property, there are plenty of choices, including concrete, wood, brick, and stone. In the past, wood decks were all the rage, but often a decade after installation, many homeowners have found that their wood decks have rotted and fallen into disrepair.

Even with continual maintenance by staining and sealing, wood decks can’t provide the longevity of concrete. And what’s more, many people don’t have the time to do the preventive maintenance and staining that wood decks require.

These are just a few of the reasons why a concrete patio is a smart alternative. Other benefits of concrete patios include:


The Oklahoma City area experiences plenty of severe weather throughout the year, so you want a patio that can hold up to the elements. Concrete is known for its toughness, and it will maintain its integrity against any weather event and often lasts up to 30 years or more.


One of the best aspects of concrete is that it can be molded into almost any shape. That means no matter how you want your patio to look, concrete can make it happen. That includes straight lines, curves, and even gradients. When you opt for a concrete patio, you can create a completely unique space.

Low maintenance

Because concrete is a solid mass, it’s easier to maintain than masonry patios like brick or stone. Because brick and stone patios are built piece by piece, more connections can loosen. Over time, bricks or stones might shift or fall out, meaning you’ll need a professional to come and make expensive repairs.

With concrete, you don’t have to worry about joints and connections weakening, and, unlike wood, it is impervious to damage from insects or rotting. To clean a concrete patio, all you need is a broom and a hose to give it a quick rinse on occasion.

Best value

Concrete patios are cheaper and less labor-intensive than those made with stone or brick. Though they are more expensive than wood decks, concrete patios last much longer. For the longevity offered by concrete and lower labor cost, this type of patio offers the best value.

Does concrete offer decorative options?

Concrete isn’t just the boring gray material that you see poured to create streets and parking lots. Concrete is one of the most popular patio options for good reason. Technological advancements offer more colors and designs than ever before. Stamping tools can make your concrete patio look like practically any other material, including stone, brick, and even wood. Learn more about our stamped concrete service.

How much does a concrete patio cost?

Like any project, the total cost hinges on the size of your patio. Basically, the larger the patio, the higher the cost. In general, expect to pay somewhere in the range of $4 – $12 per square foot.

Why such a large variance? It depends on the design. A patio with curves and special design features like stamping or tinting will cost more than a more basic square patio with no frills.

Is a concrete patio a good choice for the poolside?

Concrete is the most popular option for pool patios. That is because concrete is resistant to water damage and can stand up to harsh chemicals like chlorine. Textured concrete makes a great choice because it’s naturally slip-resistant.

If you choose concrete for your poolside patio, make sure to seal it every few years. Though concrete is extremely durable, the constant water and chemical contact can cause wear-and-tear damage without consistent upkeep.

If you don’t have the time or feel uncomfortable sealing your patio, reach out to the team at Oklahoma City Paving. The expert contractors have years of experience sealing concrete and making repairs.

 Patio Makeovers and Remodels

Already have a concrete patio, but it’s dull and boring? Can it be remodeled?Absolutely! Concrete patios don’t have to be boring.  In a simple process, the Oklahoma City Paving team can resurface your existing patio with the tinting and pattern you long for. Call and speak with a friendly team member today and ask about our free consultation and estimates. Once your project is done, you will likely want to find some outdoor furniture to fully enjoy your new patio.