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Though concrete is tough and durable, occasionally your driveway, sidewalk, or patio will need repair. When your concrete needs maintenance, look no further than the team at Oklahoma City Paving. The expert pavers have years of experience repairing concrete and making it look like new. Call the office today, or reach out to a friendly staff member online.

Concrete Pavement Repair Contractors

Why does concrete need to be repaired?

Though strong and durable, concrete can wear down over time. The rate at which it wears depends a lot on the environmental conditions. In the north, with more extreme temperature swings, concrete tends to crack and pit quicker than places with less severe temperature swings. Concrete can also become uneven, posing a danger to pedestrians.

In the Oklahoma City area, the temperature swings are milder than locations farther north. But by no means is concrete in this region immune to damage. It just might take a bit longer for it to experience wear-and-tear damage.

Concrete that sustains a lot of foot or vehicle traffic tends to wear at a quicker rate. The weight causes stress and micro-cracks that slowly expand and enlarge over the years.

A major reason why concrete needs repaired is because of a poor installation job. Shoddy contractors often rush projects and don’t pay enough attention to the base or take note of how the expansion of the concrete during the curing process will impact the project. Also, if expansion joints aren’t properly placed, cracks will occur.

If you, unfortunately, used unreputable contractors in the past, or your concrete has simply worn over time, contact Oklahoma City Paving for your concrete repair and replacement needs. The team boasts years of experience and are the paving experts in the Oklahoma City metro region.

How do you repair concrete?

The repair process always depends on the unique situation. But the following are some of the standard concrete repair procedures:

Small pothole
Small pothole in pavement
      • Pressure wash:
        • This process removes debris and loose pieces of concrete.
      • Widen and removal:
        • For cracks, debris and loose concrete are removed by hand and widened, so the repair compound has room to expand.
      • Fill cracks first:
        • The largest cracks are filled first before moving to the smaller ones.
      • Fill pits next:
        • After the cracks are resolved, pits are filled.
      • Apply sealer:
        • Sealer helps prevent further damage.

For major damage, replacing portions of the concrete might be recommended.

Should I repair or replace my concrete?

Large pothole
Water standing in pothole.

As a general rule of thumb, if the damage extends beyond the width of two inches, the concrete should probably be replaced rather than repaired. Extensive damage allows weather and moisture into the base of the concrete causing even more unseen damage.

Here is a good rule of thumb: if the damage is limited to a chip or minor crack, repair is a suitable solution. But if the damage is deep and extends through the concrete, or the crack goes through to the foundation, you are better off replacing it.

What happens if damaged concrete isn’t repaired?

Concrete damage doesn’t stop unless it is repaired immediately. Left untouched, the damage always progresses. A small crack becomes bigger until it impacts the foundation.

Busted sidewalk
Roots buckling sidewalk

Making repairs at the first sign of damage will save you time and expensive replacement in the future.

With small cracks and minimal damage, you might think you can handle the repairs on your own. But beware, DIY repairs can compound problems when not performed correctly. That’s why the team at Oklahoma City Paving always recommends having professionals handle even the simplest looking repairs. Many times there is damage beneath that is unseen as well. For sidewalks, it may also be necessary to work with the public works department if utilities such as a water line run underneath.

When it comes to concrete repair, turn to the team at Oklahoma City Paving. The expert pavers boast years of experience in concrete repair and replacement. The team offers free estimates and consultations in a timely manner. Don’t wait on getting your concrete repaired. Call and speak with a friendly staff member today, or reach out to the team online.