Concrete Sidewalk Paving and Walkway Paving

Smoothing concrete sidewalk

Concrete Sidewalk Paving and Walkway Paving Service Company in Oklahoma City

Sidewalks and walkways beautify your property and make it accessible to everyone. But poorly maintained sidewalks are more than just an eyesore. They’re a liability as well. If you are looking to add new sidewalks or walkways to your property, or your sidewalks and walkways are in disrepair and in need of maintenance, call Oklahoma City Paving today. The expert team offers free quotes and consultations, so don’t delay. You can also reach out to the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, expert contractors online.

Sidewalk and Walkway Paving Contractors

Why is concrete preferred for sidewalks and walkways?

Concrete is the preferred material for sidewalks because most municipalities require exacting standards for public walkways and curbs both in residential and commercial areas. Concrete is durable and easily moldable to meet these requirements.  Other reasons concrete is the material of choice for sidewalks and walkways include:

      • Long-lasting (well placed and maintained sidewalks can last 40-50 years)
      • Sets quickly
      • Can be poured and molded to meet ADA standards
      • Can be used on graded slopes
      • Excellent material for walkway stairs

Concrete is the most versatile choice for sidewalks and walkways when compared to other materials such as asphalt. Public sidewalks, such as public sidewalks in Oklahoma City, use concrete because they know it will last for many, many, years.

Are concrete walkways and sidewalks expensive?

Sidewalk framing on side of corner lot
Sidewalk paving project on a corner lot home.

Concrete walkways and sidewalks are more expensive to install than alternatives like asphalt. But keep in mind, concrete’s lifespan is much longer. By investing in concrete now, it will last for years, and you won’t have to worry about costly repairs and replacement every few years.

Also, many municipalities require concrete for public sidewalks. So why risk installing asphalt when you’ll just be forced to rip it up and repave.

Concrete sidewalks increase property value and improve business

Sidewalk and driveway framing
Driveway and sidewalk framed at new house

When it comes to the value of your property, the eye test is everything. That includes the appearance of your sidewalks and walkways. Well maintained sidewalks and walkways make your property appear inviting. They also promote friendly relationships with your neighbors.

Pristine sidewalks improve your entire neighborhood’s walkability score. Neighborhoods with higher walkability scores generally have higher property values than those with lower scores.

For businesses and commercial properties, well-maintained sidewalks and easy to access walkways funnels pedestrians toward your business.




Are you liable if someone gets injured on a poorly maintained walkway or sidewalk?

Busted concrete sidewalk
Busted concrete sidewalk creating trip hazard

In most cases, yes! If someone trips and falls due to a poorly maintained walkway on your property or leading up to your business, there is a possibility you could be held liable for damages and expenses surrounding the injury. That is especially true if you are aware that your walkway needs maintenance, and you did nothing about it.

While there are a lot of legal factors involved surrounding fault, why put yourself at risk of financial ruin? If you know your sidewalk or walkway needs to be repaired or replaced, call the team at Oklahoma City Paving today. The expert pavers can arrive at your property promptly for a quick and honest consultation and estimate. Before you know it, your damaged sidewalks and walkways can be replaced. Learn more about our pavement repair service.